The arm mechanisms are stainless flex with two very strong springs that secure the glass to the face with extra opening and outward.

The Crizal lenses are the most advanced anti-reflective lenses in the market, trusted by more than 150 million consumers. They are the only lenses that provide the most advanced protection against blue light and UV radiation while also providing clear vision by combating the 5 enemies of pure vision – dazzle, rings, engravings, dust and water.

Essilor is the world leader in the field of eye correction lenses with presence in more than 100 countries employing 50,700 staff.
The success of the group is driven by innovation at all levels, from advanced technology products to customer service and marketing.

The group invests more than EUR 150 million annually in research and development. From design to construction, Essilor develops a wide range of new products that correct and protect vision.

The innovations and advanced technologies that feature its products (certified global patents) have brought Essilor to No. 4 of the Forbes list for the most innovative companies in Europe. (No. 28 in the World Ranking).

Essilor’s mission of “seeing the world better” aims, through improved vision, to improve the quality of life for people and societies.